Saturday, May 8, 2010

Looking for Epiphanies

Good evening, friends,

Many of you have given gentle encouragement to me to begin a blog on my website. Now that I've taken this step, I trust that along with continuing encouragement you'll also provide practical suggestions for improvement as I learn.

Both will be needed. At this stage of beginning, writing (blogging?) carries little sense of participation in a communication process. The physical reality of sitting alone, looking into a computer screen and typing words into a silent screen seems more like a game of language solitaire than communication.

I do not yet have a clear understanding of the word "blog", either its history or its grammar, nor its current proper use. At this stage, I think of "blog" both as a noun (something I read) and a verb (something I do). Correct? My plan at this beginning stage is to post weekly a small comment (a blog?) on something I've been reading or a question I've been thinking about.

I thought today about Luke's story of the people walking along the road to Emmaus talking sadly about Friday's events in Jerusalem. As they walked, the risen Jesus joined them, and entered into their conversation. Although they did not recognize him at first, later, as they broke bread together, Luke says that their eyes were opened, and they knew him.

Perhaps through the Spirit He will sometimes join us, travelers on this cyber road. And perhaps He will permit us to sometimes sense His presence as we blog.

Looking with you for epiphanies,

Grace (Gay)


  1. Why do I get the impression, yet again, that you are far wiser than you believe about this blogging thing. Also love your "wordsmithing" -
    Was wondering where I saw Jesus today and maybe recognized Him later. We were distributing food to a community this AM, and as I learned to say "Happy Mother's Day" correctly in Spanish, I started getting lots of smiles and then hugs. It blessed me as much, if not more, than them - and I knew that God was connecting us in a way I had not expected.
    Thanks for helping me to think about it enough to put it into words. You are a blessing!

  2. I agree with you, Ellie...she is so wise. AND, what a treat that we get an extra portion each week as we get to read about Gay's thoughts....what a gift!
    Gay, I am wondering if there is a place on your blog to sign up for your email other words, we should get notification whenever you post something new.....something else to learn in blogland.

  3. Ellie and Holly, Thank you for your response. Be looking for my next blog on May 16--am planning now to post a blog weekly.

    If you wish to contact me personally, write to me at

  4. We're here if you need us.
    -Heather Antal