Sunday, June 13, 2010


June 13, 2010

Good afternoon, friends,

The time in the mountains was filled with wonderful things--watching the clouds drift up the valley lower than the craggy mountain peaks that towered above them; a contented elk chewing his cud in the shade of some aspen; the rushing flood of the Big Thompson River only inches beneath the bridge; the scent and taste of coffee in the early morning chill; the laughter, food and stories shared with friends, the sense of the goodness of God's creation and the urgent need for our careful stewardship of all that God has given--I was grateful for each hour, and came home with slow reluctance.

We talked about the being/doing question, and laughed at the ways in which at times our individual "doing" seemed like a sturdy reliable (and, admittedly, amusing) shadow of who each of us was. More seriously, we agreed as we were packing to leave that it had been a nurturing, productive time at a level difficult to describe. Who we were together made what we did together assume a weight of meaning beyond the activity itself. We did what we did because of who we were; yet, what we did was in one sense only a shadow of who we were--the life together we had shared was certainly more than a sum total of what we had done.

I have a chronic distrust of the dualism that unconsciously creeps into our thinking from our Greek ancestors. How useful is the being/doing dichotomy in understanding ourselves and our life journey?



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  1. I have had a sweet surprise this week. I helped one of my daughters pick up her truck late one evening. We were blessed with a sweet time of sharing in which I heard about dreams and vision for her life, ways she was accomplishing them, the myriad of obstacles and much else that goes with family and living. This young woman turned 40 this year. I have thought of the years of being and doing in this relationship. I have thought of the privilege of the depth of our time together. The being and doing seems pretty inseparable here, and, even if not - not sure I could even begin to sort it out.

    Glad your trip to the mountains was so cool - I love it up there. Love your blogs as well - they keep my mind thinking on new things - Blessings - Ellie