Saturday, July 31, 2010

August 1, 2010

Good afternoon, Friends,

This week the painters came as scheduled and painted my kitchen, living room, dining
room and the stairs.

The light, the shadows and the angles in these rooms are different now. It is true that walls have not moved, and the stairs wind up to my study as always. Nevertheless, the paint with which the painter covered the walls last week has changed the way in which I see them.

But I wonder. Many of you know the idea of "Writing on my wall." You use this phrase when you talk about the Facebook space of your life. In another sense, however, I think the painter taught me something about writing on the larger spaces of my life this week.

I need from time to time to risk conscious change. I need to write on the wall of my life something new that helps me see differently those things I live with every day. When it is finished, this kind of painting lets me see my world and the people in it in new and challenging

And, sitting here in my kitchen, I am glad the rooms of my life can be beautiful even when my choice of color may not be perfect to the artist's eye.

See you next week.

Go with God,