Thursday, May 31, 2012

Living the loss


JUNE 1, 2012

Dear friends,

Reading the May 20 blog today (May 31, 2012) leaves me with a renewed awareness of the mysterious ways we know before we know. My present life experience gives that blog with its note of hope in the context of loss a personal poignancy.

My sister is dying—gently, slowly, her family and friends around her. We keep the music she loved filling her room, and, we trust, filtering into the darkness that deepens around her.

I cannot write now.

But I can keep vigil with her. I can be present with her as she walks to the edge of the mystery and watch while she walks on into that world where, for now, the gates are barred to me.

And I am thinking with you—again—that I can safely trust the changes and loss in my life to One who grows a snapdragon safely in the dead branches of a lilac bush.

See you in two weeks, June 17.


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