Saturday, December 1, 2012

Grace and more grace

Dear Friends,

This is Lori Clark writing again for Gay. Even at 81, Gay leads an active, productive life. She still sees clients and ministers to others daily. Beth's journey of slowly dying has been a source of daily concern and exhaustion, not only for those caring for her in Kansas; but, for Gay as well. Gay entered into this cold and flu season spent. What was an annoying cold progressed this past week and landed her in the hospital for a brief stay. She is home recuperating with the loving help of dear friends that had planned an annual trip to help her prepare for Christmas. Special blessings to them. A shout out of daily gratitude to Laura B. for being hands and feet and heart and brain and whatever else she can be to and for Gay. I'd ask you, as another friend of Gay to pray for continued recovery and strength for her. I will post again for Gay if she isn't up to the task next week. Blessings to all of you. ~lori

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