Saturday, August 24, 2013


August 25, 2013,

Dear friends,

There has been less overt evidence of entropy this week--the threat of chaos has receded a bit. I am not fooled, however. Let my investment of energy flag at any crucial pint and entropy, like gravity, will promptly take charge. 

I think that one of the Chief Disorderly Imps of Entropy has a permanent residence in my desk. Each night this Chief Disorderly Imp, ably assisted by chaos-loving cohorts, scatters every pile of papers that I have wrestled into some kind of order during the day, and moves every book I am using into a Most-Illogical-Least-Likely-To-Be-Thought-Of-Place in the house. Keeping tools, space, and thoughts in working order is no small task in itself. No wonder we are tired at the end of a major piece of work.

The new computer remains in boxes in the garage. However, it is now accompanied by an additional larg box containing the new printer. Progress!! Nevertheless, the goal of full assembly and a state of relatively bug-free operation appears to lie yet some distance away.

I have dead-headed and fertilized plants on both patios and those bordering the front walk. I pulled the leggy bloomed-out petunias and pruned back the bedraggled geraniums. I set out two mums to brighten up the fall garden.

The idea of entropy in relationships continues to interest me. I am sobered to realize that it is not necessary for me to do a hurtful act to harm a relationship. I need only to do nothing--to fail to invest energy, whatever the reason, and entropy will control the outcome.

Experience teaches me that in a fit of gardening enthusiasm I can purchase more plants that I can set out and 

Perhaps the mark of integrity in relationships is steady investment of energy to nurture those relationships in which we have made a commitment to connection.

Thinking that it is not my good intentions nor my warm fuzzy feelings that strengthen relationships--it is my investment of my life energy that holds back entropy and its fatal pull. There is no substitute. 

See you next week, 


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Enter at Your Own Risk

August 18, 2013

Dear Friends,

The floor is in!! It is beautiful!! And Miss Annie will now walk on the new floor although she still takes cautious steps.

The front hose has responded to intervention by a friend with piers and now waters only flowers, and does that only when requested to do so.

However, the kitchen disposal remains plugged pending the  persuasive action of a plumber.

An alas, the new computer continues to sit in the garage safe in its impressive boxes awaiting technically literate folk who will assemble it and connect it to its esoteric energy sources. The new printer is still in transite.

I am attempting this note to you all via my iPad. Truly an adventure! For obvious reasons, it will be brief.

It has been an amazing month. There were days when I thought everything that could come apart would do so. No such thing threatened, of course, but it was truly the season of disintegration. The list of things that came apart or broke was truly impressive. Things are on the mend, but, as I noted, we continue to post a sign out front that reads: CONSTRUCTION IN PROGRESS!! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

A friend asked, tongue-in-cheek, if I thought I had become a target of attack by the dark world.

"No such drama," I told her. "I am simply suffering from the law of entropy."

In the field of physics, entropy refers to the process by which everything runs down or decays without periodic infusions of new energy. No one has every built a perpetual motion machine that never ran down, or a watering system that never leaks, nor computers that do not eventually flat-line and fail to boot up.

Confronted this month with a great deal of concrete evidence that the principle of entropy is firmly operational, I am thinking about stewardship of my diminishing stores of energy.

I plan to polish some old silver and to buy an inexpensive "just because gift for an old friend before I talk with you again.

Thinking with you about those things and those relationships that I value and into which I need to choose to invest energy if I wish them to endure. 

See you next week. 


Sunday, August 11, 2013

One More Week......

August 11,2013

Dear Friends,

This is Lori writing for Gay again. She had some home improvements done last week which landed her at a friend's home for a brief time. Gay is exhausted and is taking a much needed rest this weekend. She will be back next week and tells me the title of her blog will be "Chaos".

Wishing you all health and blessings, ~lori

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Computer Says, "Nope!"

 August 4, 2013

This is Lori writing on Gay's behalf. Her computer decided, I believe, in an act of final benevolence to offer Gay a writing reprieve today. It simply will not boot. Fortunately a new computer is in it's box in the garage awaiting introduction to Gay.

She will be back next week. I relay warm blessings from Gay to each of you. (They are much warmer since they traveled to Texas before reaching this screen. August in Texas makes us all wonder why we live here!) ~lori