Saturday, September 14, 2013

Loss and Gain

September 14, 2013

Dear Friends,

There is a beautiful new floor in the living-room/dining-room, but the furniture is still in various places (garage, kitchen, office), and dishes and decorative objects still in packing boxes in the garage.  Progress comes but certainly not effortlessly nor without cost.  I dropped and broke the most beautiful of my sun catchers (it was an incredible dusky purple when it caught the afternoon sun). 

While entropy is an insatiable user of energy, it is not an enemy. Decay and change open space for new good things. I am sad about the loss of that lovely shattered glass. I shall not see the rainbow that it cast across the floor again. But I have lived long enough to experience ambivalence: with my sadness there is certain anticipation that some other beautiful thing will come. I do not think that I will find another sun catcher. Certainly nothing of that mysterious cloudy purple is likely to come again. But there are other beautiful forms and color that I may live to see. 

In thinking about this idea I remembered something that King Arthur said to Sir Bedevere as Arthur lay dying, waiting for the Lady of the Lake to come for him.  The passage is too beautiful to risk misquoting, so this next week as chaos recedes I will locate my old copy of Morte de Arthur and share it in next week’s blog.

One of life’s great gifts is the inevitability of change. Many of us would lack the courage to let go if holding good things changeless lay within our power.

What good thing has come into your life that you would have missed without the experience of an old perhaps still regretted loss?

See you next week.



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