Sunday, September 1, 2013

Jet pack Loaded

September 1, 2013

Hi friends!

It's Lori writing for Gay again. She's had a wonderful house-full of family and friends this weekend and asked for me to post something on her behalf. Her computer still sits unopened in the garage awaiting my arrival next weekend for installation. I'm not quite sure why I am the elected computer geek toset it up?! Perhaps it's because I'm younger? In "Gay talk" I can honestly say, "I could put all my knowledge of computers in a thimble!" She would claim hers would be a microscopic one. So, my jet pack is loaded and I'll be there next week to help her forge ahead with the new system. I have my real computer geek friends on speed dial. One way or the other, Gay will post on the blog with her new computer next week.

Blessings to all of you! ~lori

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  1. Sure hope Gay has more patience with Windows 8 than I have since buying my new computer a few months ago. I understand you can downgrade to Windows 7, but I have not done that ---- YET.