Saturday, June 6, 2015

Short Rations--Supplement Required

June 7, 2015

Dear Friends,

First, the Annie report. 

Annie is doing better, but full recovery is yet to come. She can manage the stairs now, but does so in a laborious process of two or three steps, then a rest, two or three more steps then another rest. She has come to reluctant acceptance of her jumping limitations. 

She is a quick learner, however. She will lie close to the bed while making a demanding thump of her tail to signal “Lift me up on the bed and pet me.” Yesterday she lay at the foot of the stairs impatiently thumping her tail until I finally understood the message and picked her up and took us both upstairs on my lift. 

I suspect that she is considering a request for her own private duchess stair lift.  This sharing public transportation with me offends her sense of her wonderful self and is inconvenient. She is not pleased when she has to wait for the lift.

Next the house report.

1) The air conditioner abruptly expired. Repair—or, I anticipate, replacement—awaits the assessment of the specialists, when they visit next week. 2) My cherished red desk lamp suddenly burned out, and left no instructions regarding possible replacement parts.  Can’t remember if the bar of LED bulbs can be replaced, nor, where, if it can be replaced, I would go to purchase such.  A friend is searching the web for clues. 
Now the farm report. 

Two—two!!—hail storms this week.  Some damage, of course, but less than might have been expected. Have human help coming today (I hope) to prune dead foliage and stake the injured plants.  

Family report.  

My great nephew (Beth’s oldest grandson) suffered a heart attack three weeks ago. He is only twenty-eight years old, the second youngest patient his cardiologist has treated.  Recovery remains complicated by many factors, not the least of which is his resistance to the necessary life changes that must occur. General levels of stress are increased by the apparent inability of the insurance company to read medical reports and their failure to remit disability payment.  

The Aunt Instruction Book (my copy is badly worn) is woefully short on specific directions for being helpful in such a situation. I am improvising as I go. High energy is required for this aunt-improvisation, while Annie, house, and farm are simultaneously demanding attention.   

This week's blog has more of life events than of wisdom in understanding them. Consequently, this week you'll have to write your own conclusion out of the wisdom of your own life in response to my account of events here.

Please share the blog you write yourself this week. What are you thinking? I covet your wisdom. 

See you next week.  


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