Sunday, October 11, 2015

Back again--Part way!

October 11, 2015

Good morning!!!


Yes—well, I am too!!

It has been some time and a long journey since I last spoke with you. 

The changes that have occurred in the structure of my daily living will provide things for us to think about for a number of blogs to come. The computer story, likewise, will provide large potential for mining wisdom in the months ahead.

While events and experience have supplied ample raw materials, I am not yet ready to write.

A story to explain:

While growing up, our nearest neighbors were first generation immigrants from central Europe. My sister and I addressed them as Uncle Frank and Aunt Emma. 

One of my rich memories concerns the wonderful smells, the hard work, and the beauty that accompanied Aunt Emma’s busy kitchen this time of year as she canned and stored the last of the harvest. There was fruit and vegetables in their shining glass jars. There were herbs drying on wooden racks. There was jam, jelly, and plum preserves with their wonderful color and the sticky feel of the “tasting spoon.” And always, the smell of bread—bread rising, bread baking, or bread cooling on the board on top of the large crock that was the “bread box” of the family (and the neighborhood).

I am remembering too one of Aunt Emma’s bits of wisdom.  When she perceived someone to lack a sound understanding of the principles of living, she would sometimes say in her heavily accented English, “The jam with the green grapes is not good even when lots of sugar put in.”

I think the grapes of this season of my life are not quite ripe yet.

Thinking with you that autumn harvest--like spring planting--cannot be rushed.

See you next week.


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