Sunday, October 25, 2015

Gone Away on an Adventure

October 25, 2015

Good morning, Friends,

Writing each week something that I have labelled a ‘blog’ has been an adventure. The task has provided helpful exercise for my brain and a cyberspace equivalent of Sunday morning coffee with you.

As an equivalent it has been far from the pleasure that the real thing would have provided, but it has been good, none-the-less. Writing has provided a connection that I have valued.

It is time, however, for the “blog” (if indeed that is what it has been) to retire.  Like Bilbo Baggins, the blog now says, “GOODBYE!!”  and vanishes.

Bilbo’s abrupt disappearance at the birthday party caused a great deal of comment among the Hobbits, as you will remember. Nevertheless, while Hobbits love a story, even they soon tired of discussing Bilbo and his ridiculous behavior, and went on about their sensible lives.

Frodo Baggins, however, remembered the birthday party, and from time to time wondered about Bilbo and the adventure he had chosen.

If you occasionally wonder what adventure I am pursuing, or what I am thinking about, check back here.  I will leave an occasional note.

I am considering a different kind of writing project that I have titled, The Broomtree Epistles.

If The Broomtree Epistles materialize in some readable form you will find information about them here.

Thinking with you that this time together has been a good journey.

Go with God, safe in His faithfulness.


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