Sunday, February 28, 2016

Anybody There?

Good morning----Anybody there?

It has been five months since we have talked together.

I am thinking about writing again, but I am ambivalent.

Are you willing to come read again?

If you are interested in Broomtree Epistles, send me a note at

And tell me: what have you been thinking about all on your own these Sunday mornings?

What questions are you asking yourself?

Do you have ideas about possible format and content for Broomtree?

If you are wondering about the title, you might want to re-read Elijah's story (I Kings 19:4-5).

I like this image of a broomtree--its shade, the sky, and the desert grass. Good thinking could be accomplished in a place like this, after, of course, one had had a nap and some lunch.

See you next week?


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